A quick google search is the perfect way to start your journey discovering sustainable brands!

If you’re not super into the thrift store hunt (or currently you cannot thrift since we are in the Covid-19 Pandemic as I write this post) then there are brands out there that are not part of harmful “fast fashion.” The cost of such items will likely be a bit more than your LOFT or Old Navy purchases, but that’s the cost of fair work conditions and pay for workers!

Sustainable choices exist and the quality of these products will hold up against fast fashion purchases because they are made with respect for the consumer and the person producing that article of clothing. Re/Make is a great place to look into more information about sustainable brands and the practices that make them trustworthy, compared to fast fashion.

If you are looking to share the movement you can share about brands that are sustainable, support Re/make by purchasing their merchandise that get’s the message out, “Wear your Values” is on their items: such a great conversation starter!

Sharing about the harms of fast fashion is a great way to start, and getting creative with your fashion choices is easy when you realize the cost of going with the normative options. You can find vintage and other unique items by thrifting or from secondhand sources online (check out my resources page for more ideas on where to shop secondhand!).

In a previous post I talk about the various ways to be more sustainable in fashion, and I talk about one more expensive but ethical and sustainable purchase I made, check it out here!

If you want to learn about your own fashion ‘footprint’ you can check out this post that links to a ThredUp resource they call the ‘fashion footprint calculator.’ It can be eye-opening and help to show your specific steps to take to lessen that footprint for our world, from a sustainable standpoint.

Because of my love of thrifting, sustainability, and ethical practices I have been a reseller for about a year and a half. I thrift or source through friends and family, and I give clothing a chance at being worn and loved once again by someone new! Saving clothes from the landfill is one reason to thrift, and it’s a big one. But I also love making money doing it!

If you want to learn more about reselling, feel free to reach out to me! I’m on Instagram so follow my reselling journey on there! If you join Poshmark (whether to shop or sell!) you can earn $5-$10 credit on your first purchase by using my code “resellerstyler” when you download the app! Same with Mercari! Learn more about what I do on these reselling apps here.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to hear about a specific topic!