I was reading my morning news (a free newsletter emailed weekday mornings called THE SKIMM) and toward the bottom I saw a link to calculate my “Fashion Footprint” so I clicked and ThredUp has a Fashion Footprint Calculator to see what your footprint is based on your shopping habits, etc.

It’s pretty insightful, I know a bit about my own footprint, but it can still help you be honest with yourself and see what areas you can maybe improve in.


Steps to Change

It then gives different suggestions on how to lower your footprint, which is what my site here is basically all about so I love that! They have some good ideas so definitely check it out if you do the calculator.

We all can improve our fashion footprint. We can all make changes to help the environment and lessen our impact and clothing waste. Repairing clothing and donating that which you don’t wear are two of the most basic ways, and I think I will do a post on each of those soon!

Be on the lookout! 🙂 In the meantime, check out some of my resources and past blog posts to learn more and see what topics I have covered already!

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