Self Care Practices

There are some things I love to do for self care. I love to take a bubble bath once in a while when I put the kids down for bed. I love to drink a glass of wine or a warm mug of tea as I read a good novel. I love to put on a face mask after a long day. I love to get a massage (this is rare but amazing!). I also love to paint my nails.

These acts of self care help to relieve stress, bring a bit of joy, and relaxation into my life. I’m sure you have some different ways you like to relax too!

Removing Toxins

I stopped wearing nail polish for a long time. I learned that regular nail polish is super dangerous (see this article for details!). It was probably around the same time I became a mom, which is when I did a lot of changes to remove toxins from our environment.

I always liked putting on a fresh nail coat, because it instantly makes me feel a bit more put together. Maybe you can relate. Wearing a simple outfit can easily be dazzled up with some nail polish and a cute accessory or two.

But, I was done with the toxic chemicals and therefore, I stopped wearing nail polish. But the further I delved into a non-toxic lifestyle the more I realized that market was growing and that there are options for nail polish that do NOT contain harmful chemicals!

Learning About Non-Toxic Products Homepage View

Eventually, I somehow came across a site called and I began a subscription with them. Each month for $10 they send me a non-toxic mystery product and ship any other add ons I put in my cart free along with that product. If you want to check it out, I can send you a month free! Email me at and you can get a month subscription to check out, free.

My freshly painted nails, not perfect because I am impatient!

Anyway, on MightyNest I discovered dry shampoo, face cream, nail polish, and more products that are non toxic. Now, I can paint my nails again and my daughter’s nails and rest in the knowledge that I can keep us safe from harmful chemicals!

Other Options Too!

Since then I found on Amazon for other non-toxic brands, because let’s be honest, Amazon has everything! The image above is a nail polish brand I found on Amazon and it seems to hold up really well. It is called Eternal and I bought the 5 pack with various pink, beige, and clear tones. It is a great product in my experience with it thus far and it lasts so long!

Whether you already use non-toxic nail polish and other products, or if you are just now learning, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! There are no affiliate links, this is just information/products I like and want to share!

What ways are you taking toxins out of your life? Have you begun it? Let me know where you are in the journey!