I don’t know whether it is all that true, but if my mom were to pretend to be me she might introduce me in that way. She’d tell you I own a million purses. She’d always comment when I got a purse or bag or even looked at them in a store (normally a thrift store bc I grew up mad thrifty!).

Yes, I had purses and bags, but more than the average person? Hmm, doubt it. But again, my mom saw me as a purse collector.

I think about that every time I get a purse or wallet or carry on bag. And normally it causes me to get rid of one each time I get a new one. That’s been the norm for me for a while and I’m happy with that because it is a great way to contribute to the sustainability movement.

I don’t need a million purses, I need some practical bags for different occasions (diaper bag, wallet, back pack for when my hands must be free, a stylish bag for fun events sans kids (rare as they may be), and a tote bag for fun events when I have the kids with me but don’t want the ugly diaper bag. I also have suitcases and such for travel.

Okay, writing it all out it does seem like a lot. But am I really alone?! Everyone has purse and bag needs, mine will be simplified after the baby stage is over and diapers are no longer needed. Now look at me, me making excuses!

My most recently replaced bag, a black quilted cross body.

Take a Bag, Leave a Bag…

But, in all honesty I do try to get rid of a bag when I get a new one. I donate it, sell it, and don’t just toss it in the trash either. Sustainability and not wasting resources is important to me.

Recently my mother-in-law gave me a black quilted cross body purse, much like the above purse, but more squarish, soft bodied, and rose gold colored zippers, a bit more casual in style, which is more my style. It was in a bag of items she was looking to get rid of and instead of donating to a thrift store she gave them to me to resell (yay! free inventory!).

I saw the bag and decided I wanted to keep it rather than sell, and instead I am going to try to sell the bag I already owned. I haven’t listed it yet but I photographed it today and will list it sometime this week.

Downsizing Practically

What about you? Do you have a routine way to cut back on what you own? Do you get rid of an item if you buy a new one of that type? I don’t like to own things just for the sake of owning them, so I try to cut down on the number in my personal collection, whether purses, shoes, clothes, books, etc.

The Kon Marie Method is super helpful if you’re just getting started in cutting back on your collections. There are plenty of places to donate gently used items of all kinds, check out my Resources page for ideas! The same goes for ideas on where to get items that are gently used (rather than shopping retail) for sustainability purposes.