There are numerous places you can purchase clothing today. Head to your local mall and you may be overwhelmed with stylish, inexpensive options. Walk into your neighborhood Walmart and you’ll likely be surprised at how fashionable their clothing has become.

With all the easy options out there, it takes a conscious effort to avoid fast fashion and choose sustainable and ethical instead. If you’re totally new to the party, read this article which is great for beginners!

I’m not an expert, I still get sucked into the cheap fashion Walmart spews out on occasion (they are definitely stepping up their style game, but still, it is not sustainable!). There is a difference between ‘inexpensive’ and ‘cheap.’ My husband would point this out to me, I grew up calling things ‘cheap,’ but that carries the connotation of being easily worn out, not high quality. If you instead seek ‘inexpensive’ items (ie. at thrift stores!) you can find high quality items at an affordable price!

When I became a mom and was still pregnant I made a lot of changes in my life. I stopped using toxic ingredients in my shampoo, cleaning products, etc. and five years later I’m still at it. The change has been worth it for my health and the health of my kids (and husband). The change for ethical and sustainable fashion is a newer transition for me, I’m still learning and growing in it. As I grow I hope to have a wardrobe consisting completely of thrifted or ethical fashion line clothing. That is my goal, what is yours?

Maybe you’re not into wearing second-hand clothing, I get it, some people aren’t! Here is a list of 35 Fair Trade and Ethical Clothing Brands you can check out if you’re not sure where to begin in the journey on your own. The first one on the list is Everlane and I know this brand through the reselling community on Poshmark and Instagram. It has a big following so you may have already heard of it and didn’t know they practice ethical fashion!

Here are my Rothy’s I bought on Mercari a few weeks ago, I decided to resell a few of my shoes and replaced them with a sustainable shoe made of recycled water bottles!

I also heard about the brand of shoe, Rothy’s which has super cute styles of shoes all made from recycled water bottles! The next best part about them is that they can be tossed in the washing machine to clean them!!

So, now that I’ve given you a starting point, you can head out and find some new sustainable, ethical, fair trade clothing and shoes for your wardrobe. Keep the principles in mind as you shop, whether in store or online, and you’ll be making a difference!

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