I was unaware of what Poshmark was until my sister-in-law started selling clothing on the site (check out her Poshmark Closet!) and has an instagram page where she promoted it. I was intrigued at how she was posting pictures of clothing she no longer wore/wanted and could sell it to people around the country.

Years ago when I lived near a Plato’s Closet I brought clothes there in hopes of earning a little something in order to then go and shop there to buy clothes I wanted… This is a similar concept except it is all online, and it requires a bit more work on your end.But, it also means you can earn more than if you just dropped it off to Plato’s (if it is good quality stuff of brands people are looking for).

So I began to list clothing I had already put aside to send to a thrift store, send in to ThredUp, etc. A lot of the first stuff I listed was extra kids’ clothes and clothing my husband was given that he was never going to wear (polo shirts, sweaters, etc.). Much to my delight, some of the stuff began to sell. Even with my crappy pictures I was selling items, I was hooked!

Here is an example of my listings starting out, man were they were terrible!

So, after I begun to get some momentum on my Poshmark closet I began an Instagram page. It was great to begin to learn from other resellers out there. I didn’t realize how vast the field is, reselling. It is HUGE. And not just clothing, but shoes, jewelry, home goods, EVERYTHING. Poshmark recently began a Home selection, below are a couple of my home listings.

Posh Home Market

Home goods, the newest Poshmark “Market”

It’s fun! I thrift to find items I want to sell (always trying to look up “comps” (comparable sold listing information) to find out if something is a good buy. I also source online. Check our my resources page to find out some of the many places you can find second-hand clothing (and other stuff). Even if you won’t get into becoming a reseller, it is still a great way to buy items. By joining in you can support the movement of sustainability.

Sustainability in Fashion

It wasn’t the reason I began reselling; but sustainability is one reason I have become passionate about reselling and one reason I continue to do it! Yes, earning money is great, I love that I can earn something for my family. I also love that I am helping to give a second life to clothing and items that might not otherwise get that chance. Extending the life of an item cuts down on waste, helping the planet in the long run. Small steps, small motions, make waves in the movement of sustainability.

Sustainability is a growing movement, so why not jump on board?! Want to hear more about a particular topic? Leave a comment here or on my Instagram and say hi! I’d love to hear from you. Check out the hashtag #sustainablefashion too, plenty of great ideas and others in the fashion field thinking about and sharing on this topic.

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