Welcome to the blog The Styled and the Passé! There are so many ideas rolling around my head for this blog, I am excited to start sharing them all with you!

The purpose of “The Styled and the Passé”

Honestly, to have fun expressing my ideas on sustainable fashion, my awkward fashion stories, and the reseller life. Maybe once in a while there will be some sound fashion advice or tips (maybe). If that sounds like something you’d be interested in reading, yay! I hope to bring exactly that into your life. You’ll learn more about my own style and fashion, and some current fashion trends. I also will share about ways to

I’m all ears

I’d love to collaborate. Maybe you have ideas on what to share on here; like how I can incorporate sound fashion advice into my fashion faux pas stories. Or maybe you know of resources I missed for my resources page that you think deserve a spot. I’d love to know of any sustainability thoughts you have concerning clothing, reselling, or otherwise. Seriously, I’m all ears. Thanks again for joining me!

Find me on Instagram and Pinterest and say hello! Head to the Resources page to find some great places to shop for second-hand clothing! I plan to expand the resources page in the future too, so be on the lookout for those additions!