The Styled and the Passé


I sell fashion so maybe sometimes I get it right…but then on the other hand I’m still me, and I’ve never had great fashion sense.

This blog discusses style (and lack of it), sustainability, and more.

Come read, come learn, come laugh. 


Fashion Footprint Calculator

I was reading my morning news (a free newsletter emailed weekday mornings called THE SKIMM) and toward the bottom I saw a link to calculate my "Fashion Footprint" so I clicked and ThredUp has a Fashion Footprint Calculator to see what your footprint is based on your...

Non-Toxic Nail Polish!

Self Care Practices There are some things I love to do for self care. I love to take a bubble bath once in a while when I put the kids down for bed. I love to drink a glass of wine or a warm mug of tea as I read a good novel. I love to put on a face mask after a long...

Clothing into Bag DIY

I want to tell you guys about DIY bags made from clothing. Have you ever found a cute dress or top at the thrift, but for some reason or another it just cannot be salvaged enough to be worn? Or maybe you just have a lot of random clothes you can't see being worn...