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My name is Norma, I am a small town girl with very little fashion sense which is why I decided to start reselling fashion… welcome! Come see what I do and WHY I do it!


I am a pastor’s wife, a mom to three adorable littles, and we live in the rural Vermont. More often than not can be found wearing sweat pants or yoga pants, so I am highly unqualified for a fashion blog (just so ya know)…..

I never was one to consistently try to put together cute outfits and dress nice. I will once in a while get the urge to put in more of an effort, but often I’m found in the same comfortable outfit you saw me in last week! 

So…why the fashion blog?

Well, I wear clothes! And I am a clothing reseller (hence the name ResellerStyler). I’m learning about sustainability and I’m learning about fashion and I have enjoyed the process and wanted to share what I’m learning as well as fashion-related stories from my past, and maybe share some sustainability ideas along the way! 

Focusing on reducing waste

The used clothing market is booming. And that’s a huge plus for those of us who are resellers (like me!) but it is also a huge plus for the earth! Clothing production requires a LOT of water and if we each commit to buying used clothing at least in part, we’ll not only reduce water waste, but we’ll save those items from hitting the landfill long before they are past their glory days. 

Clothing can be worn a long time if we buy quality made pieces (not fast fashion), and if we take good care of our clothes. Plenty of people donate their excellent condition clothes to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift stores, and you and I can benefit from their waste.